The Volume: Afterhours

Presented by Culture Vulture

A Culture Vulture production hosted by Gabby Ballesteros where we dive headfirst into the music scene and shine a light on the backstage, with exclusive interviews featuring iconic DJ’s, top producers, and local legends. This interview series is nestled in the heart of San Francisco; the birthplace of Burning Man, and home to one of the nation’s most historical and ever-growing club scenes! Join us as we take a peek under the lid of an industry bursting with creativity and discover how much is still behind the curtain.

 Ep. 001 - Carl Cox Interview

We caught up with Carl Cox before his massive “Playground” Burning Man camp fundraiser at The Midway, coming up March 30th. Check out the full interview and hear from Carl himself: How DID he rise from a teen with a pair of turntables to a household name in electronic music culture? With a legendary 15-year residency at Space Ibiza, what is he up to now? And what is the Playground camp all about?

Check out our Carl Cox episode below and dive deep into Carl’s world and his relationship to dance music over 3 decades . “There has not been a music scene that has gone on for this long and this hard ever in our lifetime. So this is a testament to this music…” - Carl Cox (Live on The Volume: Afterhours)


*Big thank you to our production crew: Gabby Ballesteros, Jesse Irwin, Brittany Tilleman, Worthy, Niko, Chico Nadal, the team at Icon Collective Production School, and the entire Culture Vulture team! And big thank you to Sara Cooper PR and Carl Cox himself for believing in us.