Artist Spotlight: Roxiny - "The Lights"

Written after the chelsea bombing on 23rd street last year THE LIGHTS lies somewhere between lullaby, ode to the city I love, and a desperate need to be consoled. It’s my search for hope amid the zeitgeist of these crazy times.

Directed by Roxiny + Rebeca Diaz

Director of Photography Rebeca Diaz

Production Assistant Tina Francisco

Edited by Roxiny + Shan Nicholson

Choreographed by Alexzandra Knapp

Performed by Roxiny, Alexzandra Knapp, Soraia Scicchitano, Jendaya Dash, Luisa Vilar

Featuring David Anders, Stephan Lewis, Jennifer Skluth

Special thanks to Michna, Michael Holman, Richard Boccato at Dutch Kills