It is damn cold outside, well for us San Franciscans. With Indian summer long behind us, and December now here, we are cuddling up in anticipation of El Nino, and preparing for a long winter. Granted, it's not like we are on the east coast or anything, but that doesn't mean we don't get shivers in our bones. Here is a quick list of ways to warm up, and wash away those blustering blues.


Warming from the inside out always works wonders. When the chill factor is high, guzzling warm liquids is a quick cure to beat the heat back into your body. Whether its a cozy cocoa to give you childhood nostalgia or a slightly harder hot toddy with a pungent ginger kick, we've got you covered.

Our Best of Beverages List includes:

  • 1. The Orbit Room - Traditional Hot Toddy
  • 2. Churchills- Apple Brandy Hot Toddy
  • 3. The Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop - Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa
  • 4. Ritual Coffee Roasters - Hot Cocoa
  • 5. Samovar - Chai Tea or Green Tea



Soups have made a comeback. No longer meant for old geezers without teeth, from east to west, the bowl of hot steaming soup has been making headlines for the last couple years. Pho, chili, farm-to-table purees, there is a soup for everyone's liking, even the now-popular $20 bone broth has created mass hysteria with lines around the block at various soup studios around town. SF Savory Soups To Die For (well there are a few peripheral Bay Area mentions too):

  • 1. Burma Superstar - Vegetarian samusa soup (as featured on the Food Network)
  • 2. Turtle Tower - Steak Noodle Soup
  • 3. Jasmine Garder - Spicy Beef Pho (we also recommend their vegetarian pho- bomb!)
  • 4. The Little Chihuahua - Tortilla Soup
  • 5. Noodle Theory (Oakland) - Beef Udon Soup w/ Curry Lime Broth
  • 6. Ramen Shop (Oakland) - Veggie Shoyu Matsutake Ramen
  • 7. O-toro Sushi - Miso Ramen



Don't just sit there and stare at your computer all day, or you might end up freezing like your screen on overload. Hot yoga, zumba, or even dancing at a nightclub, are great ways to stay hot to trot! Bonus: you can burn off all those holiday pounds that gather around your waste after the yuletide gatherings end. Get off your ass, and sweat it out at these fine establishments:

  • 1. Pop Physique - Pilates, Barre, Dance Classes
  • 2. ODC School - Rhythm & Motion Dance Sessions
  • 3. Yoga To The People - Hot Yoga
  • 4. Mindful Body - Lunchtime yoga with Charu
  • 5. Audio Discotech - Nightclub
  • 6. Monarch - Nightclub
  • 7. Yoga Garden - Restorative Yoga


And of course, we recommend snuggling up with your lover or best friend. Nothing beats the winter blues like a good ole' hug. #staywarm