The vision for the "Soul Makossa (Money)" video was one magically sparked at a hotel room after-party in Miami during WMC. Upon hearing the track, we knew the vibe of the video had to be fun and energetic to match that of the song, but we also knew we never wanted to cross the oh-so-thin barrier into cheesy, which is really easy to do when you're shooting a party scene poolside with a bunch of hot chicks. We drew inspiration from modern music video masterpieces like Tiga's "Bugatti" and Breach's "Jack" which both freaking nail it on straddling the line between sexy and trippy to produce a video that is certainly provocative, yet cheeky as hell. This is why we've included things that are both a bit awkward and, at times, shamelessly amusing, such as a bear costume, pink furry unicorn fishbowls, a cute girl in a bunny head, and a dude biting a banana (skin on, no less). Aesthetically, we wanted a look that was 70s retro-futuristic and somewhat Jetsons-esque, like how "Boogie Nights" might play out at Burning Man. Keep an eye out for the Manu Dibango "Soul Makossa" vinyl record from 1972, which makes an appearance during the living room scene; it's included as visual double-whammy that both adds to the retro vibe and pays respect to the original song on which "Soul Makossa (Money)" draws its inspiration. Overall, our goal from the beginning was to turn our audience on, but not without making everyone feel a little weird about it. Certainly at the end we want our viewer to say, like after an epic night out (which, say, could also include Easter bunny heads and bear costumes), "I'm not sure what just happened...but I know I had a good time."




Director: William Perls ( Producers: Laura Lisbona, Ava Lisbona ( Line Producer: Jordan Flack Stylists: Ava Lisbona, Jacques Smith Stylist Assistant: John Vaz Gar Makeup: Natalie De Los Santos Cinematographer: Michael Miller Key Grip: Jake Smith Grip: Jimmy Loof Production Assistant: Colin Lindo


Editor: William Perls Colorist: Stephen Derlugian VFX & Motion Graphic: Josh Jones


Amanda Panda Andrew Stanley Ava Lisbona Brooke Alexejun Elise Welch Grave Jones Jo Ill Kim John Vaz Gar Jordan Flack Kevin Davis Laura Lisbona Lauren Lane Lucia Neamtu Matthew Handley Mike Gamms Moral Turgeman Simon Fobi aka Big Cheese