Burning Man is just around the corner and we have your survival guide. Now, I know they give you a good list of things you need for your week of radical self-reliance, but these are the things that are necessary some old-fashioned-fun time with friends. 1. A light scarf. No not a scarf with LED in it, you dirty raver…A scarf that is LIGHTWEIGHT. These are good for many reasons. During the heat of the day, you can dunk them in a cooler and put them on your shoulders or head for an instant cool down. If it is nice and light, it will dry very quickly. These are also good for dust storms, covering your hair from getting destroyed by the sun and dust and for keeping just a little bit warmer at night. This is an ABSOLUTE must.

2. A fan – This is one is pretty obvious. **Pro-Tip: after you dunk your lightweight scarf in the ice cooler, hold in front of you and fan… Instant air conditioner!

3. Outfits with layers – You need to be able to peel something off to adapt to the extreme temperatures. You don’t want to have to leave Disco Knights at 2:00 and Illusion to go back to your camp (which is most likely NOT close) while Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones are playing early morning jams because your outfit only works at night. Big mistake. HUGE.

4. Bug Spray – If you have any sort of social media, there has been a lot of talk about a huge infestation of bugs this year. Stink bugs, mosquitos, who knows what else! Slather on some lavender and get out your spray, don’t let things get awkward with these little guys.

5. Baby Wipes – We all know showers are few and far between at Burning Man… These are great to have with you if you aren’t feeling so fresh, scrape yourself, etc. Seriously, game changer!

6. Capri-Suns – I am not one for these usually and they maybe aren't a necessity, but they are life changing on the playa.

7. Photo ID – You wouldn’t think this, but a lot of places make you show your ID since there are drinking laws in Nevada. Make sure you don’t get denied some delicious libations!

8. Extra tent – It is a luxury to have an extra tent in addition to your sleeping quarters, whatever they may be, to keep all of your stuff in. Between all of the costumes, dust, survival materials, etc. typically it takes 3 and a half minutes for your RV, Yurt or sleeping tent to become an absolute fucking disaster.

9. Hair oil – That dust leeches EVERY last bit from you… Ladies, especially if you dye your hair, DO NO forget this… And get a good one.

10. Your marbles – keep them in a very safe place, you are going to need them when you aren’t in Black Rock City anymore. Aaaaaaand you’re welcome. See you in the dirt!