Gina Turner, notable female house music DJ and wife to Laidback Luke, is coming to San Francisco this week to perform at Culture Vulture's Future Factory party at Temple Nightclub along an all-female DJ lineup including local favorite Laura Lisbona. A well-known DJ with an in-depth history in dance music both on-air and in the clubs, Gina is also a new mother and professional yogi. However she manages to balance it all with such grace and style is such an inspiration to women in the industry. We caught up with her on the fly, to get some insight into her whirlwind of a life:

CV: You were at WMC this year, what were the highlights for you? GT: Definite highlights for me were DJing my own party after I taught a yoga class!! It was such an amazing combination of my two passions.

CV: Living between New York and the Netherlands, I imagine you get quite a broad perspective on music. How would you describe the difference between electronic music culture in Europe versus the States? GT: To me Europe always is a step ahead of America, not in a pretentious way necessarily, and America is a little bit more enthusiastic and ready to rage and scream.

CV: Now that you have your daughter, EvaLina, how do you balance being a mom and a traveling DJ? GT: To be honest, being a DJ is dream job for a working mom!! I get to spend all day with my baby and then DJ while she's asleep! She travels everywhere with me and is a great flyer!!

CV: Do you consider yourself a culture vulture? Aside from music, what else are you really into and passionate about? GT: YES! I love fashion, specifically, I collect sunglasses! And Im super passionate about Being a Yogi!

CV: What phrase or saying would you say sums up your life motto? GT: Life's Good! or "Theres always next time"

Check out Gina Turner at Future Factory in SF Friday April 10th. More information at Temple SF