In the colorful and vast collective of up and coming designers, these L.A based brands have managed to establish a strong following at music festivals globally while still building their clout in the fashion world. With a wide range of vendors at some of the most desired destination events, these particular ones spoke to us in a way we could absorb in our everyday lives and not just take in watching from stage to stage. Statement pieces and accessories that can give life to any outfit, paying tribute to the past with a prismatic glimpse into the future state of fabulous...


For the explorer who’s fashionably conscious. This line first made waves vending at the coveted Santa Monica based UR ART festival, and since landed several magazine publications. Founder Chrissy Consolino exudes her brand’s essence and uses a healthy obsession with the forces of nature, spiritual symbology and ancient wisdom to fuel her designs.

“We align the best designs in the universe, so that we may play amongst the stars.

At Serpent and Stag, we believe that music is worship, art is rebellion, fashion is freedom and dancing is life. Inspired by exquisite events rather than seasonal trends, we curate looks for a plethora of performers, and the powerful personas they explore. Brazen yet brilliant with a beauty that moves, Serpent and Stag amplifies the innovations of exceptional designers within a music­centric culture.”


Life is a cabaret... Catering to performers, musicians and DJ’s spawned the origin of this custom DTLA loft operation. One of a kind kaftans & kimonos ignited the buzz that has blossomed into a full range of iconic men’s and women’s pieces. From the nostalgic stomping grounds of the Sunset Campout , beach style sightings in Tulum, to Paris Fashion Week attire, Kira Buck tailors unique garments to portray all personas. “It's my vision to channel the energy of the individual into the garment so that it truly is suited and made for them exclusively. It's a true passion and honor to create a unique one of a kind look whether it's for performance, an event or to spruce up a day to day look. Think creatively and dress up just the same.” Flying Horses site coming soon!


Personally we fell in love with this tongue in cheek display of chic at the ethereal party of the year, “All Day I Dream” . The icing on the inspirational cake was finding out the line started on the streets of LA, with the idea that dressing in fancy clothes would allow the artists to go unnoticed when creating street art at ungodly hours. How could you not swoon over their pretty, piratey, anarchy roots?!

Chad Fernandez, pro­skater and passionate photographer, born and bred in Los Angeles captured the mischievously sexy designs.

“Fancy Vandals is artistic apparel for the fashionably deviant. Inspired by the juxtaposition of seemingly opposing things brought together into beautiful harmony; stilettos and spray paint , skulls and swarovski's, gas masks and glitter...”

So whether you’re strutting the streets of Milan or walking past a too infrequently emptied port a potty, one should never have to sacrifice fashion for function. On the real though, if I see another 22 year­old chick floating by on Daddy’s credit card referring to herself as a Gypsy, I might have to shake a bitch. Be safe and stay stylish.