The BPM Festival is all about house music and it's sub-genres. Now replacing Miami's Winter Music Conference as the "it" festival, BPM is the hot spot to enjoy dance music, network with industry professionals, and get that fun in the sun on your beach vacation. BPM is all about having very selective day and night parties showcasing artists from both mainstream and underground record labels over the course of a 10-day event.

This year at BPM there were tons of incredible showcases. From Smoke & Mirrors to All Day I Dream, the fun did not stop. One of the most incredible parties though, was the Rumors closing party at Martina Beach Club. Sunset with Bob Moses playing was a moment of magic, the memory of which I will enjoy for a lifetime. Watching these two artists perform together in such melodic synchronicity was in fact a gift.

So much of the industry these days is all about capitalizing on EDM culture, maximizing the profit margins by streamlining the formula to rake in money from the millennials. Bob Moses gives back. This artistic pairing was so engrossed in energetically giving themselves, their hearts and souls emanating with each reverberation, chord, and verse. More rock stars than DJ duo, their lyrics, guitar riffs, and melodies inspire. Check out this video from the show. And if you were lucky enough to get tickets for tonight's show at Public Works in San Francisco (this show sold out almost immediately once announced), you are in for a serious treat!