You've either seen Bubbles at a party or walking down the street. One of San Francisco's most infamous party personas recently just released an entire show's worth of artwork. We fell in love with it, so we decided to sit down and have a one-on-one chat about San Francisco, fashion, and art.  [envira-gallery id="659"] CV: Bubbles, you are pretty infamous in the underground scene of San Francisco. How did you get into the scene and what makes you such a fixture in it?

Bubbles: Infamous, I thought I was famous! Well, I moved to SF to party in 1994. I was living in LA at the time, came to visit a friend and party at a club called Pit on 9th and Howard. After I partied there all weekend I went back to LA, gave my notice and came back to San Francisco. I took a break from going out and went to beauty school, and while I was apprenticing at beauty school I started going out again to network and try to get another job. I ended up getting a job working coat check at Housepitality. After that, I started dressing like Bubbles and brought it out because I was bored and wanted attention. Not sure if it worked at first but then it started catching on. After that, I worked for Gunita who promotes Listed which opened a lot of doors for me to meet people, and get into parties. If I had to pay for every party I went to I wouldn’t have been able to go out! But since I had to be at all different types of parties passing out flyers and promoting, people started saying “If Bubbles is at the party then it’s gonna be a good party!”

CV: You love to party. What is your secret to always staying so positive and energetic?

Bubbles: My secret is, “If I’m not in a good mood, I don’t go out.”

CV: Let's talk about fashion. You have a look that is distinctly recognizable as “Bubbles” fashion. How would you describe your style?

Bubbles: I copy the hookers that live in my neighborhood, and some of the tranny hookers. I look at what they are wearing and that’s pretty much how I do it…and I go to Goodwill A LOT. Also some of my girlfriends give me some of their clothes and that works.

CV: Do you have any favorite designers or go-to fashion pieces that you can't live without?

Bubbles: Silver from Wild Feather. She made me a jumpsuit for Sunset Campout. She is amazing! Major designers? Well I can’t afford half that shit but if I could I would probably wear Yvez Saint Laurent.

CV: You have broken out into the art scene. Your collage pieces were all the rage at Sunset Campout. Have you been doing this for a while?

Bubbles: I normally paint, working with oil and acrylics and I’ve been collecting magazines and books for many years; some of them go back to the 40s. And I just needed to do something with them so I started cutting out pix and putting them on canvas.

CV: Why premier your art at Sunset Campout?

Bubbles: I did it because I couldn’t afford the ticket and that was a way to get the ticket reduced and I love the Sunset crew. I thought it would be good exposure, but mostly so I could afford the ticket!

CV: What is your process for creating your art?

Bubbles: I start them all by taking a hit of acid. That’s kind of my process.

CV: Do you intend to do gallery shows?

Bubbles: Hopefully. I would love to. After SF, my show is going to LA and I’m not sure if that’s a gallery. And from there possibly New York.

CV: What other artists inspire your work? How about DJs or music?

Bubbles: Andy Warhol. He changed the way the art world works, as far as mass producing art and that everything is art. Music-wise, my favorite artists are Alien Alien, Zombies in Miami, and Rohdad.

CV: If someone is interested in a custom piece, is that something you will do?

Bubbles: Definitely down to do something custom for anyone!