In a sea of photographers it can be a challenge trying to stand out. Los Angeles based, Mallory Morrison has been honing her skills in the art of underwater photography for the past several years. From the prolific portfolio she has accomplished so far, it's clear to say she's had no problem creating waves in the art world. Originally specializing as a dance photographer, which makes sense with over 25 years experience as a dancer herself .Mallory's evolution into underwater allowed her to incorporate yet, another element. Using dancers in a carefully curated underwater environment, weightlessness is utilized to explore the depths of movement and composition. We were lucky enough to witness Ms. Morrison in her zone (in the pool that is) for her recent vignette titled ,'Phoenix :Reborn' the artist depicted the story in her own words ;

"'Phoenix: Reborn' is a vignette depicting the metamorphosis of a woman in water. The story begins with a woman, lost and scared, falling into the water. Within the water, she slowly transforms and emerges fearless and impassioned. The water brings her new life, cleansing her, and allows her to grow into the woman she's always wanted to become."

Model Katerina Goode Note: White, pink, and red dresses were designed by Andrew MacLaine. Article by Megan Sutherland