Often brand activations or launches come with their own set of hurdles that need to be overcome. Many times brands would like to showcase a new product or service and wish to find a creative way to engage their consumer. In January of 2014, Uber was new to the scene and struggling to get drivers to properly adhere the Uber light fixture inside their vehicle dashboards. Many drivers expressed that the device was challenging to install, so Uber set up an installation event in San Francisco where drivers could come and get an in-person tutorial on how to properly install the gadget. To make it a fun and inviting event, Uber hired Culture Vulture in partnership with YBR Promotions to build out a rewarding experience for the drivers. Additionally, a partnership was created with VitaCoco to activate a booth inside the install space, to provide hydrating drinks and energizing stacks to drivers, as well as a lounge area with a DJ where they could take a load off and relax while waiting for their dashboard tutorial. The event was a success and Uber continued to provide this in-person tutorial service for the next few weeks, onboarding as many drivers as possible, and seeing that this was, in fact, the perfect solution their drivers were needing: The partnership with VitaCoco and Culture Vulture created the desired ambiance to make all of their drivers leave educated...and happy.