Camp Counselors Spark Fan Engagement with 2018 Campout Announcement 

June kicked off another incredible edition of Dirtybird Records’ annual Dirtybird BBQ in Oakland’s Middle Harbour Shoreline Park. Throughout the event, eager fans flooded into the park amid the addictive concoction of BBQ fumes, Dirtybird bass, and that rare bay area sunshine. With the record label’s deep and thriving bay area roots, the event was full to the brim of fans eager to get their groove on and join the tight-knit, fun-loving Dirtybird community. With those fans in mind, our team hit the park and brought something new to the scene.  

Dressed to the teeth with Dirtybird swag, scouts hats, aviator glasses, and BBQ essentials, our brand ambassadors hit the crowds armed with thousands of flyers for one of Dirtybird’s iconic flash sales for their merchandise. Not surprisingly, the crowd full of Dirtybird fans were more than happy to take the fliers and learn more about the sale.

While it may seem like overkill to some, there truly is no better way to reach your fanbase for an upcoming event than at the event preceding it! While you have a crowd of people passionate and motivated enough about your company and event in one place, that is the time, above all others, when the effort needs to be committed to carrying on that energy to the next event.

At Culture Vulture, we do the heavy lifting for this type of promo and we do it in style. Sure, you can put up some posters around your event and make an announcement over the PA, but these types of promotions pale in comparison to the influence and effectiveness of vibrant and sociable brand ambassadors who both know your audience and look the part!

If your company is holding an event that you would like to perform a similar activation at or would like us to promote your brand or event at another upcoming event, please feel free to contact us here.

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