In 1915, the world’s fair in San Francisco debuted models of the very first airplanes. In 1939, it introduced the newly-built Golden Gate Bridge to the world. Over 100 years later, on March 10th and 11th, World’s Fair Nano carried on that torch and brought the wonder of the latest technologies back to San Francisco. We were proud to be the promotional force that beckoned people from all over San Francisco and the East Bay to attend this new world of possibilities. Those who did attend World’s Fair Nano came to Pier 48 in San Francisco and were immediately enveloped in an captivating science-fiction turned science-fact utopia.

The tech ranged from the fun and trivial, such as the motion-enabled beer pong robot by Bruu, to the truly unreal, such as NullSpace VR’s Hardlight Suit which enables users to experience virtual reality through physical touch for the first time. Those who attended experienced a whole new realm of possibilities. A world with flying drones, speeding electric skateboards, and bionic attachments. The world’s fair was as much about generating discussions around topics like artificial intelligence, smart farming, and cyberspace, as it was about actually debuting the  technology itself. For all who attended, it was a step out of the ordinary and into the world of the future.