When many businesses think of “experiential marketing”, they often envision multi-million dollar campaigns put on by mega-companies like Nike and Coca-Cola. This is not only wrong, it’s self-depreciating! Small businesses have the key advantage of an untold story. A well-planned experiential marketing campaign can work wonders in creating a unique and engaging platform to tell an audience directly who a company is and why they should care!

Here are our 3 reasons why you should be using experiential marketing to create a more active and dedicated audience:

Create An Experience
A well-executed experiential marketing campaign is something much more profound than a pop-up on your browser or a billboard above a freeway. It is a genuine experience that can stimulate all 5 of your senses and leave you holding onto something more substantial than a Call to Action line. With craft and creativity, your message becomes a part of a larger memory, mixed in with enough wonder and excitement to make the retelling of it worthwhile for years to come. It is the type of marketing that reaches out and gently pulls in a new audience then gives them the chance to experience what your company has to offer them, on their own terms and in a uniquely crafted manner.

Build Your Story

As New York Times bestseller and marketing guru, Bryan Eisenberg, once said, “Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.” This is where experiential marketing excels! Experiential marketing is incredibly effective at building upon a company’s story and making it exceptional. Sure, you may have a beautiful biography on your company’s website, but if that story isn’t reinforced with real-world experiences that reach your target audience it won’t be a story that is remembered. We all know brands like RedBull, Cliff Bar, and Airbnb not purely because of the sports drinks, energy bars, and housing services. We know of them because of the experiences they help to create and the content that gets generated around those experiences. This method achieves the same goal for small companies as it does for larger ones, it showcases who your company is through what your company does.

Go Viral
One of the most powerful aspects of experiential marketing takes advantage of one of the most influential features of social media, its ability to create a massive viral response to a unique real-world event. The type of experiences created through experiential marketing is highly “share-able” through social media. This type of organic reach is not only free but also highly valuable due to its innate ability to grow far beyond any single advertisement.