Our CEO Brittany Tilleman will be giving a keynote and a workshop on integrating wellness into your life at this weeks Women in the Media Conference in Los Angles.

Brittany started YBR Promotions, an entertainment and brand marketing firm, in San Francisco in 1999. Her 20+ year career began in the music industry working with clients like Live Nation and Coachella, and quickly expanded to include many brand clients such as Cirque Du Soleil, SF Giants, HP, San Jose Sharks, and Uber to name a few. YBR Promotions has evolved from a street marketing company to become a full service agency dedicated to cross media marketing and providing street, digital, brand, B2B, B2C, partnership, and content marketing, in addition to event production and experiential marketing provided in partnership with it’s sister company, Culture Vulture.

Most recently, Brittany has been focused on her newest project, The Waking Hour, producing heath and wellness-inspired festival events and community workshops, returning to her roots, having graduated with a interdisciplinary degree in Integrated Wellness at SFSU. The Waking Hour is a wellness-focused company, producing events, workshops, and retreats led by a team of local Bay-Area women. Our workshops are focused on team building and wellness education. The Waking Hour Experience is an event series that incorporates music, dancing, yoga, art, vendors, and various healing modalities within a community environment. The Waking Hour is a production of Culture Vulture, a creative branding agency.



Often brand activations or launches come with their own set of hurdles that need to be overcome. Many times brands would like to showcase a new product or service and wish to find a creative way to engage their consumer. In January of 2014, Uber was new to the scene and struggling to get drivers to properly adhere the Uber light fixture inside their vehicle dashboards. Many drivers expressed that the device was challenging to install, so Uber set up an installation event in San Francisco where drivers could come and get an in-person tutorial on how to properly install the gadget. To make it a fun and inviting event, Uber hired Culture Vulture in partnership with YBR Promotions to build out a rewarding experience for the drivers. Additionally, a partnership was created with VitaCoco to activate a booth inside the install space, to provide hydrating drinks and energizing stacks to drivers, as well as a lounge area with a DJ where they could take a load off and relax while waiting for their dashboard tutorial. The event was a success and Uber continued to provide this in-person tutorial service for the next few weeks, onboarding as many drivers as possible, and seeing that this was, in fact, the perfect solution their drivers were needing: The partnership with VitaCoco and Culture Vulture created the desired ambiance to make all of their drivers leave educated...and happy.


Nestled amidst the trees in sunny Golden Gate Park, the feeling of summer was alive and well as we welcomed in yoga practitioners and event attendees to The Waking Hour at the All Day I Dream dance music festival on June 30th. Everyone quietly gathered under the canopied decor of strung lanterns and floral arrangements, eagerly anticipating the opening ceremony guided by sound healer, Cheryl Bowers of Heart and Sound and Oakland-based yoga instructor and holistic health practitioner Hayley Ebersole of Body-Mind Freedom.

Hayley started the day calling in the intention of mindful participation by allowing our consciousness to be present with the protests to protect immigrant families from being separated, which was simultaneously taking place across the nation during this time. She described her experience on-site as “a life-altering experience of co-creating a sacred space with so many conscious music lovers in an event that might traditionally have been dedicated to purely to Dionysian pleasure seeking. When so many people come together to breathe, open their bodies and create a heart-centered vibration, the effects ripple outward and are felt, consciously or unconsciously, by the entire community. We reclaimed Golden Gate Park for love and then danced our pants off all day to celebrate that love. When the Yogi exits her cabe to dance at the altar of Dionysus, the whole world benefits.”

Cheryl Bowers, working in tandem with Hayley, heightened the vibration for The Waking Hour with her expert use of gongs, crystal sound bowls, chimes, and various other sound-healing instrumentation. As she explains, “The Waking Hour provides a foundation for one to connect deeper into themselves through intentional movement, ceremony, and yoga. It builds a unique container to keep one dive into a more ritualistic space before a festival of high energy and multi-faceted vibrations.” This is the third consecutive year that Cheryl has performed at All Day I Dream in Golden Gate Park, having been present for the first one, when the strategy had been to provide some entertainment for early arrival attendees at a time when amplified sound was not permitted. She reflected on this evolution of the event, expressing that “it fills me up to see the amount of people looking for a richer, more inherently intentional experience to engage in before the party sets in. We all need connection now more than ever, with one another, and to hold each other up: The Waking Hour is that light.”

About The Waking Hour: The Waking Hour is a collective of artists, wellness practitioners, and conscious thought leaders, creating private and public experiences that incorporate various healing modalities into music, entertainment, tech, and business events. If you are business, brand, or event interested in partnering with The Waking Hour, please contact us at

Dear Bay Area Dreamers, today we announced our next event on Saturday 9/29/18 at the beautiful Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Tier 1 discount early bird tickets go on sale next week. We recommend RSVP'ing at Facebook event page to get real-time updates and for the ticket release date/time.  

Dear Bay Area Dreamers, today we announced our next event on Saturday 9/29/18 at the beautiful Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Tier 1 discount early bird tickets go on sale next week. We recommend RSVP'ing at Facebook event page to get real-time updates and for the ticket release date/time. 


Camp Counselors Spark Fan Engagement with 2018 Campout Announcement 

June kicked off another incredible edition of Dirtybird Records’ annual Dirtybird BBQ in Oakland’s Middle Harbour Shoreline Park. Throughout the event, eager fans flooded into the park amid the addictive concoction of BBQ fumes, Dirtybird bass, and that rare bay area sunshine. With the record label’s deep and thriving bay area roots, the event was full to the brim of fans eager to get their groove on and join the tight-knit, fun-loving Dirtybird community. With those fans in mind, our team hit the park and brought something new to the scene.  

Dressed to the teeth with Dirtybird swag, scouts hats, aviator glasses, and BBQ essentials, our brand ambassadors hit the crowds armed with thousands of flyers for one of Dirtybird’s iconic flash sales for their merchandise. Not surprisingly, the crowd full of Dirtybird fans were more than happy to take the fliers and learn more about the sale.

While it may seem like overkill to some, there truly is no better way to reach your fanbase for an upcoming event than at the event preceding it! While you have a crowd of people passionate and motivated enough about your company and event in one place, that is the time, above all others, when the effort needs to be committed to carrying on that energy to the next event.

At Culture Vulture, we do the heavy lifting for this type of promo and we do it in style. Sure, you can put up some posters around your event and make an announcement over the PA, but these types of promotions pale in comparison to the influence and effectiveness of vibrant and sociable brand ambassadors who both know your audience and look the part!

If your company is holding an event that you would like to perform a similar activation at or would like us to promote your brand or event at another upcoming event, please feel free to contact us here.

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An experiential marketing campaign of epic proportions at the heart of San Francisco's Pride Parade

Blazing psychedelic colors, cart wheels, face paint and choreographed dance routines sparked the beginning of this experiential marketing activation at the 48th annual Pride Parade here in San Francisco. The vibes of love, acceptance and excitement were powerful as our brand ambassadors prepared to represent the new VOLTA show by Cirque Du Soleil. Saddling up our backpacks equipped with mounted illuminating boxes flashing photos of VOLTA performers alongside of show information, branded wristbands, and colorful 3D flyers, we headed over to our trolly car with anticipation for the coming parade promotion. Music & confetti filled the air, the DJ on the CBS float we marched with yelled “Are we ready, VOLTA? Let’s do it!” and off we went. The energy was high and the crowd cheered loudly while the brand ambassadors danced and passed out swag, their faces illuminated with recognition and happiness because... who doesn’t love it when the circus comes to town?

For the past several years CBS has partnered with Cirque Du Soleil to help produce an amazing visual show that includes acrobatics, music, and a heartfelt storyline. VOLTA is about a young, ambitious boy named WAZ, now jaded from years of chasing fame, finding himself through becoming a contestant on a game show. Cirque Du Soleil explained that,

“It is only upon meeting the FREESPIRITS and in returning through the memories of his childhood that he once again comes in touch with who he truly is, and has the courage to show his true self to the world. He will discover that ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance, and with the liberation of the judgment of others... VOLTA is about being true to oneself, fulfilling one’s true potential, and recognizing one’s own power to make it possible.”

Have you ever been to a Cirque Du Soleil show? If so, you already know that their performances can instantly instill a sense of magic, innovation, and inspiration. If not, you are in for a big surprise! Like WAZ in VOLTA, we at Culture Vulture want to help create an experience for you that aligns with your core values. Over the past few years, we have worked with Cirque Du Soleil on multiple campaigns for their productions. This has included our street team passing out branded condoms at the Pride Parade that said, “We Pitch a Bigger Tent!” for their KURIOS show and dropping fish bowls of branded condoms in various LGTBQ-aligned retail locations throughout San Francisco.

As the late Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” One thing here is certain, experiential marketing helps consumers feel something; one thing we can all relate with and truly wish for everyone to experience. Let us help you create that sort of feeling again with your customers.


You would never guess the number of vehicles, landmarks, and clothing that could be embellished with the infamous 6 striped rainbow pride flag. That is unless you’ve been to San Francisco at the end of June. Drawing over one million people from all over the world, the whole city of San Francisco erupts in a burst of rainbow and a swelling of acceptance at its annual Pride Celebration and Parade. It is the largest LGBTQ event in the country and during the two-day celebration, it takes over downtown San Francisco. It is also a time that you see many savvy brands on the streets making the statement, “The values of SF Pride are the same as the values of our brand!”

To the people attending the festivities, SF Pride is a fun, energy-packed day that gives people license to fully enjoy being themselves. As a brand, SF Pride is not so different. It presents a unique opportunity to showcase a brand’s values to an underserved audience in a format that is light and celebratory.  If done right, it can be a move that benefits both the brand and attendees. More than ever, consumers are searching for companies that match their own principles and often these principles will be considered with the same level of scrutiny and care as a company's products and services.

At Culture Vulture, we serve as the messengers of your brand and each year we can be seen getting that message out to the rainbow masses through a variety of formats. Due to the large percentage of attendees that come to Pride from outside of SF, about 80% of total attendees according to a 2014 survey by SF Travel, Pride marketing is better spent on branded merchandise than event print materials. Items like: chapstick, condom matchbooks, rainbow sunglasses, fans, or sweatbands are fun and unique ways to have people remembering your brand months after the rainbow glitter has all washed out of their hair. While the main events are the Civic Center celebration and the Market Street march, SF Pride extends to many other related events such as the Dyke March in Dolores Park and the Pink Mammoth Block Party. Our promoters will be out at all of these events; helping people like you reach new customers and helping attendees find their new favorite brand, and possibly, a new favorite pair of sunglasses.




San Francisco is famous for its micro-climates. It is not uncommon to see someone in 90-degree sunshine laden with 2 extra jackets and an umbrella. Likewise, a picnic tanning session at Dolores Park can all too quickly turn into a race to the car as the wind picks up and your “Here Comes the Sun” spring Spotify playlist becomes an incredibly ironic choice for the day. Similarly, marketers in the city know that it is equally difficult to prepare for the sprawling diversity and the multitudes of varying interests that the city by the bay possesses when preparing a new marketing campaign.

Effective marketing strategy in the city can change in an instant depending on what you are trying to promote and where you are trying to promote it. The city is a diverse melting pot of different cultures, languages, and interests. The successful marketers in the city are the ones who can speak to each of these different demographics and create a relationship that makes everyone’s needs feel met and brings people through the front door.

Identifying your “golden market” in the city is the key to finding the right ears for your message. Your audience may be diverse and they may individually carry multiple identities that make up who they really are and what they are interested in, but there are ways to reach them. If you can dive deep into the ways factors like a person’s interest, environment, and culture influence their decisions and tune in to the parts of their identity that are similar to each other, not only will you find a large target audience, you will find a community.

Here are three tried and tested steps for finding the right people for your next marketing campaign:


1. Research

Begin with researching the common needs and common pains that your audience experiences. Start with a large applicable audience and then narrow it down. Use tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights or Google Analytics to discover which sub-demographics make up your audience and then see at which points they come together on a particular interest that’s relevant to your business. Sometimes, this research will only serve to confirm your assumptions, but often it will help your company create a whole new understanding of who it is your message resonates with.  

2. Test

Next, take the audience you have come to define and create a small test run. Until it’s been tested a theory is just a theory. Often times, that initial test period creates key findings that often become crucial to a marketing plan. It won’t be perfect; so long as people change you will need to continue to fine-tune your audience. Staying on top of your audience's interests, habits, and behavior on and off the internet, is essential is essential in maintaining a relevant and profitable audience.

3. Build

Finally, with your research complete, your audience tried and tested, aim to begin building your community. If you’ve taken the time to research and test thoroughly your community should begin to grow quickly. This is because you are creating your company’s marketing plan around their similar interests. People like to share the creators who speak to their interests and if your preparation is sound, the people they're sharing your work with will be others in that same target market, the same community.



Ever since his underground burst in 2011, UK based label boss, prodcuer and DJ, Max Chapman has taken us on an electrifying and creative journey. Earlier this month he released his first ever Essential Mix and this week his  Motorola remix was #79 on Beatport today:

You released your first record at 23 years old. Where did you learn how to produce? And how long were you making music or DJing before you put this out?

I actually taught myself how to produce whilst I was traveling in Asia – I’d download all the YouTube tutorials I could find then watch them when I was on flights or without WiFi and then when I arrived in Australia, I had a load of these half-finished tracks. After that, it just became a hobby – I never expected it to become a full-time job!

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist when it comes to making music or playing music? Or do you feel it’s just an organic process where you are willing to experiment on the fly?

I am definitely not a perfectionist, I always go into the studio aiming to enjoy what I do, and I don’t think that I could create the same kind of music if I started agonizing over every little aspect. I’ll sometimes go into the studio with a specific idea or inspiration, but the studio is my escape so it’s always very relaxed and an enjoyable process.

Is there a skill you’d like to master that you haven’t already?

I’ve never been asked this question, but I’d love to be able to play live one day. I’m not sure if the music I make would translate well to a live set up, but I’ve always preferred working with hardware in the studio, so maybe one day I’ll work out how to translate that to a live setup.

What is the most unique place you’ve ever played?

It’s not where you expect, but there’s a festival in the UK called Forbidden Forest and it’s – as you might guess – set in a forest, right next to a race track. It’s so random, but it’s the first time I’d ever played under a tree canopy and the production was wicked, so it’s always been one which stands out for me.

You own Resonance Records, what’s it like owning your own record label? How do you balance it out with producing, djing and having outside hobbies?

To be honest, I don’t find it that difficult – we’ve got a great team behind the label and since my mate George Smeddles became a partner, it’s really taken things to the next level. It’s definitely satisfying being able to release great records and give up-and-coming producers the opportunity to be heard.

What are your hobbies besides music?

Does eating out count?!

Outside of your own label, is there any other record label you are dying to release on? What about this label resonates with you?

I’ve been lucky enough to release on so many amazing labels already, but I’d have to say Desolat is still one I’d like to tick off the list. Dice has always been my favourite DJ and everything Desolat does is quality – it’d be great to be affiliated with them, so who knows maybe one day if I write the right track?

Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for? (both in dance music and in general)

That’s gotta be my Mum – she’s so strong and has had a really rough few years where she’s lost some really valuable people in her life, but she’s still there for us all and as strong as ever. I mean, she still looks after me and I’m 30.

You’ve had your tracks played by big names like Adam Beyer, Hot Since 82, Loco Dice, Pete Tong, Nic Fanciulli, to name a few. I’m sure that’s a great feeling! Anyone you are dying to collaborate with?

I’d love to work with the Martinez Brothers, but it’ll probably never happen! They write some of the best music out there, I reckon it’d be great to spend a bit of studio time with them – hopefully, they’ll see this and hit me up 😉

You just released a mix on BBC Radio 1 Pete Tong’s Essential mix! First off, congratulations, second how do you feel? This is a huge deal!

Thank you! It’s mad, I still don’t quite believe it and the mix went out over a week ago now. It was a very daunting project to approach – Pete Tong is a legend and the Essential Mix is such a huge accolade, so to be asked this early in my career was something I really didn’t expect.

For 2018...can you share with us what new releases we can look for or other exciting things you are a part of to check out?

There are some huge shows on the horizon all over the world, and of course several in Ibiza too… I’ve got a collab EP out on Relief in June with Leftwing & Kody which is sounding big, and then on Resonance, we’re releasing one of the sickest EPs I’ve heard in ages from Wade – that comes with a huge CamelPhat remix too, so keep an eye out for that one…


When many businesses think of “experiential marketing”, they often envision multi-million dollar campaigns put on by mega-companies like Nike and Coca-Cola. This is not only wrong, it’s self-depreciating! Small businesses have the key advantage of an untold story. A well-planned experiential marketing campaign can work wonders in creating a unique and engaging platform to tell an audience directly who a company is and why they should care!

Here are our 3 reasons why you should be using experiential marketing to create a more active and dedicated audience:

Create An Experience
A well-executed experiential marketing campaign is something much more profound than a pop-up on your browser or a billboard above a freeway. It is a genuine experience that can stimulate all 5 of your senses and leave you holding onto something more substantial than a Call to Action line. With craft and creativity, your message becomes a part of a larger memory, mixed in with enough wonder and excitement to make the retelling of it worthwhile for years to come. It is the type of marketing that reaches out and gently pulls in a new audience then gives them the chance to experience what your company has to offer them, on their own terms and in a uniquely crafted manner.

Build Your Story

As New York Times bestseller and marketing guru, Bryan Eisenberg, once said, “Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.” This is where experiential marketing excels! Experiential marketing is incredibly effective at building upon a company’s story and making it exceptional. Sure, you may have a beautiful biography on your company’s website, but if that story isn’t reinforced with real-world experiences that reach your target audience it won’t be a story that is remembered. We all know brands like RedBull, Cliff Bar, and Airbnb not purely because of the sports drinks, energy bars, and housing services. We know of them because of the experiences they help to create and the content that gets generated around those experiences. This method achieves the same goal for small companies as it does for larger ones, it showcases who your company is through what your company does.

Go Viral
One of the most powerful aspects of experiential marketing takes advantage of one of the most influential features of social media, its ability to create a massive viral response to a unique real-world event. The type of experiences created through experiential marketing is highly “share-able” through social media. This type of organic reach is not only free but also highly valuable due to its innate ability to grow far beyond any single advertisement.


With a population of under 3,000 and spanning an area of just 1.5 sq miles, it’s no surprise that many haven’t heard of the town of Yountville, CA. That is NOT to say, however, that there is nothing there to see. This little town puts on some incredible events, most notably: Yountville Live.

This annual festival brings world-class food and wine and pairs them with an incredible lineup of bands. This year’s festival was the biggest yet! Big shots like X Ambassadors and Foy Vance took to the stage, while top chefs like Stephanie Izard, Bob Blumer, and Lisa Dahl paired their own unique flavor harmonies with world famous Napa Valley and Sonoma wines.

While the months before the event were shadowed by the horrific north bay fires and the much more recent, Parkway shootings in Yountville, Yountville Live rose above it to promote a message of love and peace with numerous programs to offer relief to the victims. Thousands ended up coming to Yountville Live this year, not just to enjoy great food, wine, and music, but also to provide support and rise above the grief to create a brighter future in the warm Napa valley light.      


On February 27th, our office became home to a thousand fresh and brightly colored flowers of every shade, courtesy of the de Young Museum. Their annual Bouquets to Art program was just about 2 weeks away and there wasn’t any time to lose. Within a day, all one-thousand flowers were paired with a branded tag, ribbon, and a team of apron-clad BA’s. With flowers in hand, our team set out to create a colorful disruption in the daily hustle and bustle of San Francisco life.

The streets gushed with the spirit of spring as hundreds of flowers filled the bustling streets near Union Square and Montgomery station. At Union Square, our brand ambassadors caught with thousands of happily bewildered commuters. With smiles on their faces, each learned of the de Young’s “Bouquets to Art” exhibit for the first time.

If you would be interested in dedicating a different task to our team of BA’s for your business, please check out our Brand Ambassador and Experiential Marketing service tabs.


In 1915, the world’s fair in San Francisco debuted models of the very first airplanes. In 1939, it introduced the newly-built Golden Gate Bridge to the world. Over 100 years later, on March 10th and 11th, World’s Fair Nano carried on that torch and brought the wonder of the latest technologies back to San Francisco. We were proud to be the promotional force that beckoned people from all over San Francisco and the East Bay to attend this new world of possibilities. Those who did attend World’s Fair Nano came to Pier 48 in San Francisco and were immediately enveloped in an captivating science-fiction turned science-fact utopia.

The tech ranged from the fun and trivial, such as the motion-enabled beer pong robot by Bruu, to the truly unreal, such as NullSpace VR’s Hardlight Suit which enables users to experience virtual reality through physical touch for the first time. Those who attended experienced a whole new realm of possibilities. A world with flying drones, speeding electric skateboards, and bionic attachments. The world’s fair was as much about generating discussions around topics like artificial intelligence, smart farming, and cyberspace, as it was about actually debuting the  technology itself. For all who attended, it was a step out of the ordinary and into the world of the future.


Noise Pop Festival 2018 is coming up fast. With its trademark blend of local and legend, this year's Noise Pop is starting off with a bang! Local heroes the Tune-Yards, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club and Japanese  Breakfast join legends like Toro y Moi, Ty Dolla $ign, and Real Estate in performances that will fill venues on both sides of the Bay beginning February 19th. This year's festival marks 26 years of its iconic vision and with it 5 years of partnership with our sister company YBR Promotions and we couldn't more thrilled! Head over to to grab yourself some single show or festival badges!

And if you want to get into some select show for FREE then head to our sister companies site for a chance to win tickets to selected Noise Pop Festival events 


As we are all recovering from another Super Bowl Sunday, we here at Culture Vulture are reminiscing on the wrap up of Audible’s Sketchfest last week. Sketchfest is an annual event put on each year to showcase a diverse array of talented comedians, actors, musicians, and podcasters. With Audible in its second year as the presenting sponsor of Sketchfest, Culture Vulture’s brand ambassadors were called to usher in a new crowd of eager Audible users. Through charm, persistence, and the lure of free Audible swag, our Culture Vulture’s BA’s achieved an average of 50 on-the-spot sign-ups daily for free trials with Audible. It was an incredible experience for both our BAs and our client.


We are excited to announce the return of THE WAKING HOUR, a Culture Vulture Experience, that will be taking place inside of All Day I Dream Festival at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park on the waterfront in Oakland on September 30th. Join us for The Waking Hour Opening Ceremony, a yoga and sound healing meditation experience specifically designed to set the tone for our day of dancing. The Waking Hour Opening Ceremony and Yoga begins promptly at 1PM to help us embark on the day’s journey. Let's ceremoniously synch our energy to raise us all to a higher ground where dreams are reality and reality is a collective dream. Bring your yoga mat and come early to get settled. We STRONGLY recommend you plan to arrive 30 minutes prior early to allow time for parking and settling in.



Tell us, how did it all start for you two?

Around 8 or 9 years ago we had lots of spare time in our lifes. During that phase we decided to focus on the thing we like the most: music! We founded Monkey Safari, also our first record label What! What! and opened the club Charles Bronson. After that things have gone its way and we're still on fire ;-)

Where did the name Monkey Safari come from?

We'd tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.

Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

Of course we have a lot of respect for all the artists doing what they do since many years and are still in the business. It's often not as easy as it seems, traveling around the world every weekend, spending most of your time on a plane, at the airport or in a dark and loud club. Our inspiration is definitely not stemming from a specific artist. It's our daily life and all the different impressions you get in the world when your heart and mind are open.

What is your favorite and worst thing about touring?

Like I said, one of the worst things is spending lots of time on a plane or waiting for it. But when you arrive at the club, have a cold drink in your hand and a hungry crowd in front of you, it very quickly becomes your favorite thing in the world again ;-)

How excited were you that Paco Osuna, Guy Gerber, Moby and more have done remixes for Monkey Safari?

Not gonna lie, it's amazing to listen to new interpretations of our own tracks, made by some of the best artists on this planet.

Is there an artist that you’d love to remix a track of yours and who would you like to remix? That's an easy one: Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Ricardo Villalobos.

Hommage has become such great success. How proud of yourself are you guys?

It's an insane mountain of work... and we try to climb it step by step. Of course we're really happy with the development of our label, at the same time it's still the beginning of what we have planned for the future.

You’ve traveled so much, what is your favorite place to visit and DJ at?

One of our favorite cities in the world is Melbourne. The city has its very own special vibe, really open minded, strong culture, awesome food and with Revolver Upstairs one of the best and untypical clubs in the world. That said, the perfect place on this world has a beach, an ocean, a fat sound system and cold drinks. That's what we like most and there are plenty of those places around the world.

You’re only in the US for a short period of time, but if you had more time what is something that you would like to do here?

Going to DC for a short trip to the oval office. Give DT a slap in his dumb face, receive the props from his crew, walk out and try to find the nearest Starbucks!

What is your favorite genre at produce? And Dj?

Electronic Dance Music.

What was the first record you bought?

Emmanuel Top - Orion

Do you have any new releases coming up soon that we should be looking forward to?

John Digweed just signed the track "Oxy" from us for his "Frequencies" compilation release coming out on July 14th. Really looking forward to that one! We're planning to release our album called "Odyssey" in fall this year. We just finished the Mix and the Mastering. Can't wait to present this to our fans worldwide!!

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Find your way and believe in yourself ;-)

Get all the details on their upcoming show in SF at